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Are you bored with the blog template that you are currently using? Or are you just starting to create a blog and are confused about choosing which blog template is best for you?


Choosing a blog template is indeed difficult difficult. You need to find a template that suits your taste. In addition, you also need to consider whether the template is SEO friendly or not.

SEO friendly templates will help your website or blog to get a higher ranking in search results. That way your website or blog will be easier to get traffic from organic search traffic.

SEO Friendly Blog Template Criteria

1. Responsive

Blog templates must be responsive for blogs to be compatible on any device, whether desktop, mobile or tablet. That way visitors can open your blog anywhere without diminishing quality.

2. Compatible for All Browsers

SEO friendly templates are not only compatible for all devices, but must also be compatible for all internet browsers. Browser preferences for blog visitors vary, so you should be able to accommodate it using templates that are compatible with all browsers.

3. Friendly Navigation

What is meant by friendly navigation is that visitors can easily find the content they want to read. Choose a blog template that allows you to organize the sharing of content based on categories that are easily understood by readers.

4. Loading Speed

Loading speed is one of the most important things in choosing a blog template because blogs with long loading will get bad grades from Google. The worst thing is that your blog will be difficult to appear on the first page of search results.

5. Social Media Integration

You also need to consider blog templates that support social media sharing features so readers don't have trouble when they want to share content on your blog to social media.

Cool Blog Templates for WordPress and Blogger

There are various blog platforms in use today, but the most popular are WordPress and Blogger. Therefore, we summarize each of the 5 cool and SEO friendly blog templates for WordPress and Blogger.

Out of the 5 templates we have summarized, we divide them into three categories, namely the news and magazine, personal blog, and online store categories. All the templates that we have summarized in this article are blog templates that have a free or completely free version.

5 Cool Blog Templates 2020 and SEO Friendly

1.  NewsMag WP Theme


NewsMag is a news and magazine style blog template, suitable for you who manage a news blog. This template is also designed compatible for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Active users of this cool blog template have reached 20 thousand users. The rating obtained on the WordPress site is quite good, which is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

2. ColorMag WP Theme

ColorMag is also one of the cool magazine style blog templates for WordPress. Suitable for blogs that provide news content. Active users have reached 100 thousand and get a good rating too, which is 5 stars.

3.  Breviter WP Theme

The eight previous blog templates were magazine style blog templates. From templates number nine to 16, we will provide recommendations for cool and SEO friendly blog templates with personal and lifestyle styles.

The first personal blog template is Breviter. This template is designed minimalist and suitable for bloggers who want to display professional content, but still show their personal side.

10 Magz has a simple appearance and layout but with some features that are quite useful for current blogging activities. This template is suitable for you who have a blog with a mixed niche or commonly called a hodgepodge blog.

Tokopedia Landing is also very simple, not too much because the purpose of this template is to make the product offer page more detailed and easy to understand.

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