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Landing pages are increasingly popularly used in internet advertising. If we pay attention, there are many different types of landing pages that have been used for each campaign.


Help us capture and guide users towards information about some of the products we want to promote. The landing page is different from the homepage, which serves as a general information portal on the various products, solutions and services offered by businesses. A home page usually has too many factors that govern customers' attention. Landing page targeting will aim to persuade a visitor to take specific and desired actions.

With the Landing Page, this is perfect for those of you who like shering Templates, Widgets and the like. Because it will look more attractive and make visitors want to see every article that we post. 

Themerum BDS Real Estate Blogger Template

This real estate landing template is suitable for introducing land and housing services. This model has a nice interface, neat layout, easy to install, relatively fast loading speed

Themerum BDS Real Estate Blogger Template Features

LayoutVersion 3
WidgetVersion 2
Mobile FriendlyCheck
404 PageCheck
Simple DesignTrue
Slider ImageTrue
Contact Form WidgetTrue
Popular Posts WidgetTrue
Banner Ads WidgetTrue

Template Author: Updating
Documentation: How To Install Blogger Template

Themerum BDS Real Estate  Blogger Template Download

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