The Art of SEO Copywriting For Beginners

Hello everyone, back to Themerum dot com, this article I continue on the topic of SEO optimization without having to go links or optimize onpage at all, but write SEO-standard content, help google like and recommend articles. write you on the search results as quickly as possible.

Because now the algorithm is different, it doesn't have to be a strong backlist to get to the top, it's just a part of the rest is the value and core of your website for readers and how to write to help us understand your content and then evaluate it as best as possible, so specifically, I invite you to read the following article right away always.

#1. Research Title Keyword, Target Niche Description Then Update Main Title When The Time Comes

If you feel that your website cannot compete with your competitors with the most searched hot keyword because many factors such as backlist, traffic, and a website that has been active for a long time are favored by google. So this makes it difficult for us to compete with competitors, so going the niche to get to the top is the best way after the niche has won the best position is also the time when your article is trusted by google and the Again, you update the target hot keyword that you want to capture is the most suitable.

#2. Set up SEO Standard Article URL

Before writing an article, you should research the right target keyword, then put a link containing the keyword in it, it will help google easily understand what your website is about the fastest.

For example: 
SEO standard url for the keyword "template blogspot landing" , please set the url similar to that target keyword such as "" This will help google understand clearly. fastest on your url when indexing and of course it will be nicer.

#3. Add Alt And Image Title In Posts

Adding alt and image title today, I see few people interested in this issue, this is also a wasteful omission adding alt and image title will help people search through product images. most visible in the best positions and also with that is creating image prominence in search results.

#4. Use H2 Tag - Subheading For Articles

Writing articles in the article you will usually divide into several parts and each section has a small title to help readers know which paragraph they are reading, adding this subtitle tag is also quite common, but the abuse of keywords is not enough. no, you should write in the most natural way, only scattering reasonable keywords when you have the condition that you put yourself as a reader to see if the title is suitable? Or just created for having to pull keywords for the article ?

#5. The Method of Spreading Reasonable Keywords

While writing content for the website, you should spread keywords in the article about 3 to 4 target keywords such as the title, but you should remember to spread it naturally without cramming it over and over to make the reader boring. The spread of keywords will help your article be highly appreciated by Google related to that keyword and easily be favored by Google in the search results.


About the art of writing articles, they have a lot of different tips such as this article is the most basic for those who are just starting to build a website to understand, because it is so different, there will be many topics to write about. I can't summarize all the articles, just filter out the basics so you can get started without feeling overwhelmed when building content for the website.

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